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About RANK Foundry

Drawing inspiration from our name, Rank Foundry, we specialize in forging your path to online success by helping you show up in Google where it matters most.

At Rank Foundry, our team is composed of dedicated SEO professionals with a diverse range of expertise and experience. Each member brings a unique set of skills to the table, united by a shared passion for helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape. With a deep understanding of search engine optimization and the ever-evolving dynamics of online visibility, our team possesses the strategic know-how to propel your business to new heights of success.

Our collective talents converge to create an unbeatable synergy—an invaluable resource for driving measurable results and achieving your SEO goals. Partner with Rank Foundry and tap into the power of a team committed to unlocking your website’s full potential and positioning your brand at the forefront of your industry.

Our Core Values


Upholding the highest ethical standards in all our actions, delivering transparent and honest communication, and fostering trust with our clients and partners.

Client-Centric Approach

Placing our clients’ needs and goals at the center of everything we do, creating customized SEO solutions that deliver tangible results and drive business growth.


Continuously exploring and adopting cutting-edge SEO techniques and tools to stay ahead of industry trends and provide our clients with a competitive edge.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Utilizing data and analytics to make informed decisions, optimize campaigns, and ensure that our SEO strategies align with measurable objectives.


Fostering a collaborative environment where our team members work together, share knowledge, and leverage diverse expertise to achieve outstanding outcomes.


Striving for excellence in all aspects of our work, continuously improving our processes, and delivering high-quality SEO services that exceed expectations.

Continuous Learning

Embracing a culture of continuous learning and professional development to stay current with the dynamic field of SEO and digital marketing.


Taking ownership of our actions and commitments, delivering on our promises, and being accountable for the results we achieve for our clients.


Demonstrating flexibility and adaptability in the face of changing market conditions, search engine algorithms, and client needs.

Long-Term Partnerships

Building long-lasting relationships with our clients based on mutual respect, collaboration, and a shared commitment to achieving sustainable success.

“Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.”

– Jill Whalen

Discover Our Story

Rank Foundry, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, was originally established in 1997 under the name Fairbanks Computer Technologies. Our mission was to provide budget-friendly technology, website, and marketing solutions to small business owners seeking user-friendly and effective technology services.

As the company expanded over the years, it underwent a rebranding as Pink Tie Technology Group. However, we soon realized that our diverse service offerings were too broad to provide our clients with the specialized, high-quality service they deserved. To address this challenge, we underwent a strategic restructuring process to refine and segment our services into three distinct categories: technology, website, and marketing.

Our founder, Kevin Fairbanks, recognized the importance of streamlining our offerings to ensure a singular focus and an unparalleled level of expertise for our clients. Consequently, we phased out our technology services and began evaluating the impact of our website and marketing services.

Upon careful analysis, it became evident that our true strength and greatest value to clients lay in the domain of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With a renewed dedication to SEO excellence, it was essential to align our brand with our core offering. While PinkTie SEO was considered, we ultimately chose to depart from our previous identity to eliminate any potential confusion.

Thus, RANK Foundry was born—a brand that encapsulates our unwavering commitment to empowering businesses through exceptional SEO services.

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Kevin Fairbanks


Rank Foundry is the brainchild of founder Kevin Fairbanks, who established the agency in 1997 with a vision of excellence in mind. With determination and skill, Kevin nurtured Rank Foundry from its early beginnings into a flourishing enterprise. As a leader known for his keen intuition and unwavering commitment to his craft, Kevin has made a transformative impact on the industry, earning recognition and admiration for his positive influence on numerous individuals and businesses.

Kevin Fairbanks is deeply passionate about driving innovation and fostering entrepreneurship. With a keen interest in data analysis and digital marketing, he has acquired an impressive array of certifications and credentials from prestigious institutions, including Syracuse University, Clarkson University, and the Patriot Bootcamp. Beyond his formal accolades, Kevin’s true passion lies in building and nurturing businesses with the aim of creating meaningful value and making a positive impact in the world.

Meet The Team

Ana Quinn - SEO Content Writer, Rank Foundry

Ana Quinn

SEO Content Writer

Corbin Mathers - Web Developer, Rank Foundry

Corbin Mathers

Web Developer

Emma Nelson - SEO Strategist, Rank Foundry

Emma Nelson

SEO Strategist

Maryanne Colbert - Partner Success, Rank Foundry

Maryanne Colbert

Partner Success

Eli Beck - Link Acquisition, Rank Foundry

Eli Beck

Link Acquisition

Angie Doyle - Account Executive, Rank Foundry

Angie Doyle

Account Executive

Alan Spalding - SEO Strategist, Rank Foundry

Alan Spalding

SEO Strategist

Petre Serban - Reporting & Analytics, Rank Foundry

Petre Serban

Reporting & Analytics

Dustin Pope - Technical SEO, Rank Foundry

Dustin Pope

Technical SEO

Lennie Warren - SEO Specialist, Rank Foundry

Lennie Warren

SEO Specialist

Trina Bertolini - SEO Content Writer, Rank Foundry

Trina Bertolini

SEO Content Writer

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Making a Positive Impact Beyond SEO

At Rank Foundry, our dedication to excellence extends beyond the realm of search engine optimization—we are deeply committed to making a positive contribution to our communities and the world at large.

Social responsibility is woven into the fabric of our agency, guiding our actions and inspiring us to support causes that align with our values. From engaging in environmental sustainability initiatives to giving back to local organizations, our team embraces opportunities to create meaningful change.

We believe that by leveraging our skills and resources for the greater good, we can pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future.

Partnering with Causes We Believe In