In simple terms, local SEO is the process of optimizing a website in order to appear in the local search results. Over the last few years, Local SEO has grown significantly especially due to the rise of smartphone usage and better internet connectivity when on the move. Though it is almost similar to organic SEO, there are a lot of differences.

Local SEO focuses on providing relevant results to a searcher based on his or her location. Example, if you search for the best steak restaurant, Google will provide you with the results of restaurants that are nearest to you.

The benefits of local SEO to a business are obvious, not only is it great for brand to appear at the top of searches when someone searches for the industry or services in the area but it also helps a business to gain new customers.

How to improve local search position of your business

  • Categorize Your Business
    When creating the business page, you will be required to enter the category of your business. Pay attention to the categories you select as it affects what the website and business will show for. After selecting the primary category, there are other 9 categories; ensure that you choose those that are relevant only.
  • Remain Consistent
    Ensure that the business is listed the same all over the internet. The business name, address and other contact information should be the same as those listed in the website and on the business listing.
  • Get Reviews
    Google showcases reviews in the result pages. The only way you can achieve this is by providing great services to customers who will in turn leave a good review. You can also personally ask the customers to leave a review on the business listing
  • On-page Optimization
    After the local listing is complete, ensure that the website looks as appealing as possible. Post quality content and photos and make sure that the description is keyword rich and informs the visitors what the business is all about. Also, ensure that all the information is filled out; contact info, hours of operation, address etc.
  • Quality Inbound Links
    Quality links to the website is a major factor for ranking. Having high quality and relevant links to a website helps you to rank higher in the organic search results. The links can come from top bloggers, newspapers local business indexes etc.


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