The economic recession has changed the marketing scene completely. Marketing budgets are tighter and marketing executives are looking for cheaper and measurable strategies to promote business products and services. Search engine marketing (SEM) is the perfect solution for businesses to market their goods effectively keeping in mind the financial restrictions imposed by the recessionary environment.

The Potential of SEM

Internet advertising and SEM budgets are still minuscule as compared to the overall marketing budget of most organizations. Yet, the internet accounts for a fifth of the media consumption in the U.S. While most marketing techniques have received a setback during the recession, SEM has grown in double-digits, and is expected to keep growing through 2016 too. SEM holds great promise for companies that are looking for a cheap yet effective way to market their products and services.

SEM Saves Dollars During the Recession

Marketing executives can use SEM to reduce the expenses of advertising. An increasing number of companies are changing over from traditional advertising to online advertising, diverting funds to the development of internet marketing. Budget-conscious companies have a lot to gain by launching SEM campaigns.

Following are Some of the Advantages of SEM:

Measurable results: One of the major advantages of search engine marketing over traditional advertising is that SEM results are easily measurable. The success of SEM is measured by the site visits, clicks and sale conversions seen on the website and related internet advertisements. These events can be tracked and directly related to the effectiveness of the SEM campaign. Marketing executives can account for the marketing budget with quantifiable results. This information is very useful in today’s recessionary environment.

Internet ads can produce immediate sales: Internet advertisements are more effective in providing customers with detailed product information and a call to action, than a 30 second radio and television ad. Website editorials and the content of the advertisement pull in interested visitors and bring them closer to the sale. Unlike advertisements on other media, SEM can bring about immediate conversion to a sale.

Interactive interface engages customers: The interactivity of search engine marketing keeps customers engaged. This is crucial in converting the customer’s visit to a sale. As customers interact with the internet ad, they also become aware of the brand and come back if they have a good experience.

Advertising the online presence: The recession makes it even more important than usual for a business to advertise its company website. Advertising the online presence of the business is a top priority, and SEM serves the purpose efficiently.

Inexpensive marketing technique: SEM is a much more affordable marketing technique than print advertising campaigns. Additionally, search engine marketing can be targeted more effectively than traditional advertising. As internet advertisements expect interested customers to take some action to get more information, the ads qualify prospective customers and promise a higher return on investment (ROI).

Search engine marketing is evolving into the most effective advertising medium. Businesses should capitalize on SEM to market their business products and services effectively, inexpensively and with greater accountability.


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