Imagine entering an elevator with a potential partner, investor, or client, with only 20 floors to spark interest. An elevator pitch is a 90 second presentation that shares with the audience the entrepreneur’s idea, product, service, or business to gain interested from potential customers, partners or investors.

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University and the Prudential Foundation invite graduates of the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV) and EBV-Families (EBV-F) to share their big ideas in 90 seconds or less for a chance to win cash prizes. The top 5 entries win a share of $10,000. PinkTie Technology Group is pleased to have been chosen to be part of the top 5.

To enter the competition, you had to submit a 90-second or less video of yourself pitching your concept or business. Submissions had to be done without any editing and without the use of visual aids, props, or handouts. Judges were looking for how well the problem/need were explained vs video quality. In addition, judges considered how creative/innovative was the idea, effective use of the elements of pitch, presentation skills, diction, and logical flow. Validation of concept, identification of a focused market and a viable business model were also criteria for judging.

Over 80 submissions were received by the November 4th, 2016 deadline. On November 11th, Veterans Day,  IVMF announced the winners:

First Place: Kirk Kudrna of Grit Trader, a mobile application to provide farmer and ranchers with regional collaboration and local trading.

Second Place: Lawrence Richards of Reflections of Service, a custom made gift and memorabilia firm.

Third Place: Derek Safko of Passkey, An RFID enabled smartphone case that provides convenience and simplicity for consumers by eliminating the need to carry key FOBs.

Fourth Place: Mark Grady of Off Duty Blue, a security logistics solution that allows clients to easily request security details, and helps offices find work that fits their schedule.

Fifth Place: Our very own Kevin Fairbanks of PinkTie Technology Group, a digital marketing company helping small business owners establish and grow on the Internet.

On November 18th, there will be a special LIVE webinar for graduates of EBV and EBV-F, a great opportunity to ask the winners questions and learn directly from them how they prepared for their pitch presentations.  A recording will be made and posted publicly for those who are unable to attend the LIVE session.

PinkTie would like to congratulation everyone who participated in submitting a video as it is not an easy task to do. In addition we would like to extend a thank-you out to IVMF on behalf of all Veterans for everything your organization does for us.


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