Marketers can choose between the two basic types of SEO depending on the potential customers they want to reach, that is, local SEO and national SEO. Although both strategies can be beneficial and important, it is essential for them to know the difference between the two in order to use the best approach that gets their website ranking. Choosing local SEO means limiting a business to a particular area or location and making the online world view it as part of a local community. On the other hand, companies that are focusing on serving global or national clients need to choose national SEO. Here is an examination of Local SEO vs National SEO to help businesses determine the best
approach for their businesses.

Local SEO

Companies that serve from a physical location and willing to deliver their service to people within a particular geographical have local SEO
as the obvious choice. They can accomplish these by including the place name of where customers can access the business along with the product or service offered. Following this, a company’s website can pop up quickly when people search for the particular service at that location.

Businesses using local SEO need to determine where there is an adequate number of potential customers, appeal those customers and establish their business as a part of a given local community. Local SEO is usually less expensive compared to a national campaign. It also involves simple strategies to get some great SEO result.

National SEO

The location is of less concern when it comes to national or international companies, as their target audience is not restricted to any given geographical area. These businesses often operate strictly online, making a National SEO campaign to be the best approach.

National SEO is more challenging and complex to enact than local SEO and typically more expensive as well. With national SEO, companies
are competing with others delivering the same service all around the word, whereas those using Local SEO are only competing with businesses offering similar products in that local area.

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