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by | Dec 3, 2019 | SEO

Discover who is at top of your local search engine results and why. In this video we take a look at the search results for plumbers in Binghamton NY and compare the #1 ranking company with one who is on page 6.

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Hi, my name is Kevin, and I want to shoot this quick video to show you what is going on inside the search community in your local area. I’m going to show you an example of a search I did in Binghamton, New York. You may not be located in Binghamton. If you are and you’re watching this video, awesome, but hopefully that you can gain a few tips on where you’re missing the beat and some ways you can improve your business’s website to rank higher inside Google. A little background about me, I own a business called Rank Foundry, as you can see here on the screen. We help businesses grow by utilizing search engine optimization. Now, we’re located in Syracuse, New York, right in the middle of the state, and I can work with businesses anywhere on the world. So I also want to show you why the businesses who appear at the top of the search results get there and why your business might not be at the top, but might be on page two, three, four, five or maybe you’re not even showing up for what your customers are searching for.

I’m going to explain all of this to you in this video. So I started off with a search looking for a plumber in Binghamton, New York. Just like a consumer in that area would search, I simply type plumber, Binghamton, New York. And right away we get a search results with four ads at the top. Now, to get in this space, you got to run an ad with Google and that can be expensive if it’s not done properly. Next up in the search results is this thing known as the map pack. And as you see, they show three right at the top. These are the three that Google says best matches plumber in Binghamton, New York. Now, in some areas, you can also have an ad in here on top of this, but it does not look like there is one for the Binghamton area.

Now, the only way to appear in this map pack is by what’s known as a Google My Business Profile. For example, if we look at Auchinachie’s Services Google My Business Profile, it would look like this. And they have it completely optimized. That 478 reviews on Google alone averaging out at 4.6. They list themselves as an HVAC contractor as their primary business, but they also do plumbing and other services. So they have an optimized with photos, with their website. They have their hours, they have their address, their phone number, all of this comes into play. These reviews are a huge piece of it.

So after the map pack in our search results, we get a section known as the organic listings. And as you see, the first listing here belongs to Yelp. Yelp is a online business directory, if you’re not familiar with it, where people can go leave reviews about your business and discover other businesses in your area. Next behind that is a master plumbers list put out by the city of Binghamton. And because it has matches for plumbing in Binghamton, it’s coming up number two. And as you see, number three, it’s that Auchinachie Services. So I’m sure that if you’re in this area, you’re familiar with some of these names that we’re seeing on here and they’re just dominate in the market and they’re stealing your customers.

So how do you get to be at the top of the organic, within the map pack and not out on page four, five and six?

I’m going to show you some tools where we can dig in deep and look at it, but I want to talk about three core things that Google uses to determine where a website ranks. The three most important pieces are content, that’s the information that is on your website. The information within your Google My Business Profile. Number two is backlinks. Those are sites that are linking to you. How trustworthy are they? How much quality do they have? How much juice are they bringing to your domain, your website? And third, it’s citations. No, not what the police officer’s going to give you, these are any online mentions of a business name, address and phone number. Most commonly, business directories like Yelp.

So let’s take a look at Auchinachie’s Services website. And as we can see, it’s a pretty clean layout of a website. Right away, they’re asking for that lead generation. Grabbing a customer’s information to get an estimate. As you go through, they break down their services with content describing each one of these services. They throw some reviews on there, they list about their team, they have some videos that they embed into there. They list the communities that they’re in. They have their address, their phone number. All of these things are what they look at, but more importantly, when you look at the sub pages, it’s pretty clear to see they got a lot of content on plumbing. All of these are internal pages.

So let’s just look at plumbing services.

A lot of content related to plumbing. So you can see why they hit the number one thing with content. So I’m going to use a couple of little tools that I have that I use in part of my research. One of them is this tool called Ahrefs. And what I like to look at here is the number of those backlinks coming in. So they have 10,840 backlinks. And it appears that recently they lost 416 in the last seven days. That’s quite a bit to be losing. But what’s concerning a little bit is they’re only coming from 133 domains. That’s almost 2,000 only coming from 133 domains. That ratio is off a little, but not often enough for Google to say, “Hey, you’re doing something not great.” Now, it looks like a majority of these all started coming after January of 2015. They’ve been working on building up their SEO in 2017, 2018, which has caused them to rank for 3,000 organic keywords.

That’s terms that they’re ranking for in their area. So if they were paying for this traffic, which they get on an average month, 747 clicks from these 3,000 organic, if they had a pay for ads for that, in the ad section, remember we showed you the ads up here. If they were paying for these ads on those keywords, they would have to spend $4,200 a month to get those 747 clicks. Doesn’t guarantee you they’re going to be a buyer, but when we take a look at some of the keywords that they’re ranking for, obviously it’s their branded name, furnaces, water pipes, furnace installation, plumbers in Binghamton. Do for all furnaces have filters. It’s these questions that people are asking. You can’t just rank for a single word. You got to rank around these questions that consumers are asking to get there.

And these are things that I can help you with to grow your business. So we talked a little bit about citations, and that’s where the score of citation flow comes in. Citation flow is the popularity of your website. How are other people linking to you? And they’ve got a 27 which is not a bad score. You take a look at their trust flow, this is how trustworthy is their site? And it’s measured based on quality. It’s a bunch of factors that all come together. They got a 32, which is really good.

So I want to take a look at another business and we’re going to go all the way out here to page six. So as you can see, we’re still getting that same business showing up on page six only on other sites. Reviews from Renew Financial, Glassdoor, which is a hiring website. But I want to take a look right here, this Vestal Plumbing & Heating. They’re all the way down on page six. And I apologize if you own this website and you’re watching this video because I’m about to let you know you’re missing out on leads in the plumbing market in Binghamton. You’re losing business. And if you pay attention to the tips I’m about to point out, you can probably increase your business. So let’s take a look. First off, the website. It’s clean, it’s nice, again, asking for that estimate, but it doesn’t have a lot of content.

We head over to the plumbing page. Not a lot of content compared to this website that we’re looking at. As you can see, they have a lot more content related to plumbing when you conclude all these additional pages. It’s a better idea to the search engine of what your website is a power. Now let’s look at Vestal Plumbing & Heating on the same tools that we just looked at on Auchinachie’s Services. So we
come over here, they don’t even get a ranking number. That’s how much the search engines are not even looking. The AA trust is saying, “Hey, this site, we don’t even want to rank.” Why? They have one backlink coming in, one referring domain. They somehow appear in the search engine for 25 keywords and they do occasionally get some clicks. They gotten 10 clicks, which if they had to pay for ads, would’ve only cost them $57, but one backlink. Let’s take a look at that one backlink and see if it’s even helpful to them.

Is it something related to their industry? No, it’s from a PR. It’s from a press release that they did at some point and it just simply was an anchor of their website. This is a business that I would love to help. So if you happen to be watching this and you do own a Vestal Plumbing & Heating, reach out to me. I can greatly improve you. There’s a lot of stuff we can do to improve where you appear in the rankings and get you to page one for the search terms in your area, plumber in Binghamton, those type of words.

Let’s see what the 25 keywords are they’re ranking for. Vestal Plumbing & Heating, so based on their name, brand recognition, great. They got position one. But guess what? Only 20 people on the average month are searching for that term.

You take something like plumbers, Binghamton, there’s 150. Or how bout Vestal Coal House? 250. But you’re coming in at position 62. Plumbers, Binghamton, New York, you’re coming in at 55. That’s 150 people searching for that every month. Being on page six is not where it’s at. Being on page seven not where it’s at. Plumbers, Vestal, New York, that’s your local town. There’s 30 people on an average month searching. You’re on page seven. Plumbers in Endicott, Endicott and Vestal right there together. Again, page eight. Not where you want to be. So those are areas we need to improve. So let’s jump over and look at the citation flow on the trust flow just like we did with the other one. It’s zero trust flow. They’re not even saying that you’re trustworthy, they’re saying, “Hey, don’t do business with these people because there’s not enough information here for us to say you can trust them.”

Be well. Let’s look at their website because I think it said they were in business for quite a few years, since 1964. So obviously, the local community is trusting you to keep you in business for that long. That’s where we need to make some changes so that your website can be on page one. You’ve got to earn the trust of the search engines, of other consumers who are out there and looking. Years ago, you get by with hanging out a sign, putting an ad in the Yellow Pages and that’s all you needed to do. Times have changed. Google is the Yellow Pages. Google is putting your sign out there and letting people know you are in business. When we look at your citation flow, that’s the popularity. You only got a seven. We look at the number one spot. They’re 20 points ahead of you, 32 ahead of you here.

So as you guys can see, this is a lot of information. And knowing what keywords to rank for and how your content should be on your website is key to ensuring that you rank on page one. So I know there is a lot that I just threw at you. If you would like me to take a look at your website personally and give it a similar audit to that I just did with like Vestal Plumbing & Heating, reply back to my email with your website or use the link in the email to schedule a discovery call on my calendar. So thank you for watching this video, I hope you have a great day.


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