WordPress makes it very easy to create, establish, and maintain a new website. Using these 12 plugins takes WordPress one step further and assists with new website issues like website optimization, SEO integration, and website protection. Learn about the best plugins for any new WordPress website:

Website Optimization

WP Smush.It

Images are a large draw to any blog or website, but high quality images can take up a lot of storage and can slow down a site. WP Smush.It is a plugin that resizes and optimizes images so they don’t impact site performance. The plugin works to reduce the image’s file size without affecting the image quality.

Broken Link Checker

Links within a website direct users to more information, both within the site as well as externally. Broken links can be a problem, especially as the website grows and traffic increases. The Broken Link Checker plugin works in the background, scanning the site for broken links and alerting the manager of any resolutions.

WP Super Cache

For new websites, dealing with slow servers or experiencing heavy traffic, WP Super Cache is a necessity. This plugin creates static html files from the blog or website, which is processed faster than the default WordPress PHP script.

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

New websites, either as a blog or with a blog feature, will want to have an opportunity to communicate with their subscribers, readers, and commentators. The Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin allows users to receive emails when their comment receives a response. This can create repeat visitors and will showcase the brand.

Simple Share Buttons Adder

It’s important to integrate social media early on with a new website. The Simple Share Buttons Adder adds a share button to any post or page within the website. This allows users to post website information on social media platforms, which can increase site traffic and create new business.

Contact Form 7

Another way for users to communicate with a new website is through a contact form. This form functions like an email and provides a platform for asking questions, making comments, or for starting business inquiries. Contact Form 7 makes it easy to set up and maintain a contact form portion of the website.


YARPP or Yet Another Related Posts Plugin works to recommend content within the website or blog. This displays information and connect posts to the current post. Related posts are also an option to show sponsored content alongside self-published content or a method for keeping visitors engaged and on the website longer.


Google XML Sitemaps

A way to draw more traffic to a new website is to use a Google XML Sitemaps. This plugin creates a complete structure of the website, or an XML Sitemap, and the map is shared with search engines. Using a sitemap makes sure the website shows up in search results. Using this plugin also notifies search engines of new website content.

Yoast SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, connects websites to search engines. Using Yoast SEO allows website managers to improve SEO by writing better content and having a fully optimized website.

Website Protection

Wordfence Security

Keeping the website secure should be a top priority for a new site. Wordfence Security is a plugin that stops hacks, alerts of potential hacks or breaches, and provides real-time feedback on traffic and hack attempts.


Comments are a large part of blog maintenance, both to hear from and connect with visitors. Keeping comments spam free will give the blog or website more credibility and professionalism. Akismet is a plugin that checks comments for spam and filters out potential spam comments. The plugin also keeps a history of spam users and has a block feature.

Updraft Plus

After establishing a new website, it’s a good idea to have a regular backup practice in case of any crashing or hacking in the future. Updraft Plus is a plugin that allows a full website to be backed up or restored from a third party storage, like a cloud, Dropbox, or Drive.

With these plugins you are off to a great start for your new WordPress website.  If our list has left you confused and not sure what to do, no worries, WordPress Guardian from PinkTie Tech is here to help you!


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