One of the pitfalls of many small businesses is that they are not doing enough social media marketing as part of their digital marketing efforts. They think that an optimized website is enough. The power of social media should never be underestimated. Like the traditional word of mouth marketing, spreading the news about your business on social media is akin to increasing your customer base.

Here are just some of the benefits of social media marketing for small businesses such as a restaurant or retail store.

Increased Brand Awareness

When your business has a Facebook page or a Twitter account or even accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and even LinkedIn you are technically increasing the awareness of social media networking site visitors of the existence of your business. While organic search results will lead traffic to your site, engaging in meaningful social media marketing can work to your advantage by increasing the number of people who become aware of your business.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty

When people learn of your business, they will be curious and will hopefully engage you in some way. They will be asking a lot of questions about the products and/or services that you provide. For a restaurant this could be the unique dishes you offer or a special you may be featuring. If you engage them enough, this creates an overall brand image that will command a strong following. Brand loyalty takes time and takes a lot of effort on your part. Nonetheless, engaging your customers on social media networking platforms can significantly increase brand loyalty.

More Conversion Opportunities

When you optimize your website so that it is filled with all-original and fresh content, complete with graphic illustrations of what you are offering your customers, and having this webpage’s URL beautifully integrated into your social media network site, then you will be able to generate more traffic. Carefully putting links on your social media network posts that will drive your followers and visitors to your business’ website will be generally helpful in the generation of traffic. This will give you more opportunities for conversion.

Higher Conversion Rates

Engaging your potential customers on social media networking sites will increase your brand awareness and lead to more traffic to your website. If your website has been fully optimized, they can use this as a springboard for the actual visit to your place of business. And when they do visit your business, you can now do your best as a entrepreneur to serve them your best service. If the overall experience is superb, you further increase your brand loyalty and enhance your brand image.

These are just some of the benefits of running a well-meaningful social media marketing campaign. By engaging your customers online, you create brand awareness which will help them dine in your restaurant or visit your business. With great experience, your customers will market your business to their own network of friends further increasing your brand awareness and brand loyalty.


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