As a small business or start-up, it is harder to draw viewers to your website than it is for corporate giants. However, with the right tools, it’s possible to level the playing field between you and your larger competitors. SEO is one of the best techniques in a webmaster’s toolkit.

Search engines bring three times more traffic to websites than social media, making it your best bet for site hits, so here are some quick SEO tips for small businesses that can help you get the ball rolling:

    1. Optimize your headings and subheadings: What is the first thing you noticed about this webpage? Probably the headline, then you probably noticed the bolded text list here — without even reading. The page you are reading right now, although it seems simple, has been optimized. These stylistic additions are eye-catching and make a page look clean and organized. To boost your page rankings even more, use keywords in your titles and headers.
    2. Research keywords: Speaking of keywords, they are one of the most important SEO techniques for any business. You can use a free tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, to find out what the most common searches are, but many business owners work with SEO experts who can help them pick attainable keywords.
    3. Create engaging content: Your content should be fresh and informative. It won’t always be exciting, but think about how you can make it relevant and possibly newsworthy. What is happening in your industry or area? What things are your customers dying to know?
    4. Know your audience: As said previously, your content should be engaging, but how will you know how to write that content without knowing who your target demographic is? You should be able to pinpoint your primary clientele and create mock profiles for them. Based on their age, gender, education, socio-economic status, etc, what are their interests?
    5. Share content: Content sharing on social media is one of the most effortless ways to drive traffic to your site, because your audience won’t even have to search for it. Links to your site’s pages and blog posts appear on your network’s timelines. It’s also worthwhile to share the posts of other businesses in your community or network. Commenting on other’s social media posts will also help build momentum in your social media marketing efforts.

The PinkTie Marketing firm can help your Central New York business thrive with these SEO tips and more advanced techniques. For SEO or other internet marketing queries, contact us today.


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