3 Benefits of Facebook Live

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Social Media

Facebook Live is a new feature for the social network which lets users broadcast a live video stream directly from their Facebook page or group. The addition of live video increases the opportunities Facebook provides for connecting and interacting with other users on the platform. Businesses should also be thinking about incorporating Facebook Live into their social media schedule because there are several benefits to this new feature. Using Facebook Live creates a unique brand experience, a unique user experience, and useful content that can be re-purposed for other social media platforms. To make the most of your professional Facebook page it’s important to start using Facebook Live.

Unique brand experience

Broadcasting a live video through Facebook creates a unique brand experience because you’re both representing a new side of the brand to your audience and you can gather valuable information from your followers, which are also potential clients. From the brand side, using a live video to discuss a new product, service, or just hosting an information session will give you feedback about your viewers. The Facebook Live setup shows how many people are watching, the names of those watching, and gives viewers an opportunity to make comments or ask questions while you broadcast.

Going live on Facebook puts a face to the brand and gives you the opportunity to release new information in a friendly and personal format. Live broadcasts are a great way to create hype about new products or services before they’re released, or discuss current relatable topics or services the company offers. Facebook Live is different from other broadcasting sites or apps, like Periscope, because the video is active on your Facebook page until that post is removed by you. This means you can refer to the broadcast in other Facebook posts and boost the content on other social media platforms.

Unique user experience

As a viewer, Facebook Live creates a unique user experience because a live post is very different than a regular status update or article. Catching a live Facebook broadcast is like attending an event where visitors get updates on their favorite brand, may get sneak peeks at new releases before they’re live, or attend a unique question and answer session that opens their eyes to a new side of the company.

A Facebook Live broadcast is a great place for users to ask questions, leave comments, and really get to know the personal side of a brand, company, or local business. Interacting with the brand on this level makes the brand more memorable and users are more likely to remember their live broadcast experience when they see future brand posts or product updates. Live broadcasts get users’ attention and shows that the brand has a face beyond the logo and is current with social media and technology.

Ability to re-purpose content

Lastly, using Facebook Live creates unique content that can be re-purposed for other social media platforms. This means that a Facebook Live broadcast can be tweeted about, used on your website, and referenced in future posts. Because the video is active on your Facebook page until you remove it, the content can be utilized over and over instead of a temporary video created with another site or app.

Facebook Live is a great way to stop in and give tips, updates, or answer questions more quickly than it would be to write a blog post and share the link. The content you create on Facebook Live is like an event any user can visit and feel like they’re a part of, and the content can be turned into a blog post, tweet, or become a stepping stone for future content. One Facebook Live Q&A can lead to a follow up broadcast on more specifics about a product, service, or group of questions, which continues the dialogue between the brand and the potential customer.

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